Digital innovation in lighting supplies


The know-how of the founding partners and the background of the industrial partners involved in the project, as well as the team members, guarantees the rapid intuition of creative needs, quickly imagining the best commercial and industrial proposal, and immediately executing 3D industrial drawings, data sheets and renders to make the proposal a reality. We recognise the value of visual immersion in projects, including dynamic and augmented reality, and of rapid prototyping, that we put in place thanks to exclusive proprietary hardware and software, or management models tested through years of experience in the field, managed by qualified human resources from the best Italian universities.
Our production is not only rich in alternatives, but also in diversified solutions in the offer of basic materials as alternatives often not foreseen by the client and fundamental for the optimisation of budgets and production times. And it is oriented towards a panorama of raw material suppliers selected from among the most innovative in Europe - able to guarantee a wide range - of metals, plastics, woods, ceramics, marbles, crystals, materials of the latest generation including finishes chosen from among the best available, offering the possibility of satisfying your creative and emotional needs.
The continuous search for innovative solutions for painting and electroplating has enabled us over the years to select suppliers with high standards of environmental protection as well as quality. 
They provide us with natural paints that are clean, safe and guaranteed by numerous tests, but nevertheless capable of surpassing - in quality and brilliance - even the best-known galvanic finishes, offering greater durability, solidity and lower production and management costs.
When our luminaires take the desired final shape, we select the light source most suited to the architectural work to be illuminated, and able to transform a simple furnishing idea into an exclusive and functional environment, combining the mastery of a decorative work of ancient tradition with an elegant and innovative conceptual soul.
Thanks to our business model, nurtured through years of religious dedication to projects, we have developed a dense map of leading contacts in design and industry, honed during the long growth of experience gained in recent years.
This has allowed the company to contractually redefine partnership agreements with companies and qualified professionals for the implementation of more complex projects in the fields of Structural Engineering, Building Automation, Lighting Construction, Energy Management, up to research collaborations with Italian Universities or High Schools specialised in Design and Engineering.