Digital innovation in lighting supplies


We have learned over the years that in the "Furniture and Luxury"The demand from private clients for exclusive 'Custom-Made' decorative design projects has become more and more prevalent than the 'usual' large-scale public housing projects. Designers and architects are always looking for high-end, refined and exclusive products to proceed with their best projects.
Since 2018, the market has received more and more requests for exclusive lighting products that do not exist and are not available in the traditional market.
These particular products are in demand from the ground up by luxury private residences, a sector that in the past was dedicated exclusively to large architectural structures (hotels, corporate offices, embassies, luxury yachts, etc.).
The market interior design has been growing steadily since 2013. at a CAGR of 6.75%. By 2021 it reached a value of$ 121.1 billion dollars
LIGHTINUP was created to give architects, designers, or end customers the opportunity to customise their product to any size, with any material, finish, or type of workmanship through an innovative contract project management know-how, tested over years of international experience, thanks to which the innovative proprietary 3D/AR platform called Myllumi took shape.

Discover the experience gained over the years by the founding members of LIGHTINUP.

Currently, the offer of design lighting platforms is limited to offering a range of products from a catalogue pre-loaded by the company, not giving the architect, designer or end customer the possibility of customising the product as it is associated with a fixed collection.
LIGHTINUP S.R.L. (innovative start-up) lance - The first e-commerce of integrated Italian manufacturing the first fully customisable 3D/AR product configuration platform - complete, real-time and collaborative, between Manufacturer, Designer and User ? is the first e-commerce entirely dedicated to Italian manufacturing of lighting and furnishing accessories. It is fully integrated with a fully customisable Product Configuration Platform ? 3D/AR - complete, real-time and collaborative between the Producer, the Designer and the end user, whether B2B (design studios, interior design studios, fit-out contractors, builders, etc.) or B2C (consumer). - is lighting shopping completely tailored for an exclusive residential fit-out. It is perfectly suited to support architects and designers in their exclusive design activities, allowing them to save "time, financial resources and human resources" like never before in the 3D/AR configuration of their personal lighting product concept, within any size, material, finish or processing type.
The digital and innovative revolution for Product Designers and Architects.
The first complete, real-time, collaborative 3D/AR configuration platform for lighting products between designer and manufacturer.
Experience simplified by real-time reporting of customisation possibilities
Multiple library of alternative structural solutions (central rod, ceiling box)