Digital innovation in lighting supplies

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Join our team to bring the design of the future to life!
Our mission is to redefine the way people interact with their product experience by delivering a revolution in the way mid- to high-end custom-made lighting is designed, visualised, engineered and manufactured. easy, intuitive and collaborative.
We are looking for results-oriented people, proactive and empathetic communicators, people who value the success and well-being of the team; with a clear vision of objectives and roadmap, able to empower without micro-management, with the key technical skills to help advise the team, but with the confidence to act and make decisions when the situation demands it.
You have the opportunity to participate in this project as one of the first hires. If starting from scratch stimulates you, and you want to think without limits, if you are looking for an adventure in a hi-tech startup, join us on this journey.
Do you want to give it a try? We are always looking for people who want to be part of a new, growing team and who want to take on new challenges!